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Fika G'noto Foundation

Give every adult the opportunity to earn the income to live above the poverty line through higher education.

We pledge to

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who are we?

We are an organization that heavily relies on the success of our partnered coffee shop to fund programs like our scholarship fund and our resource center for our registered students and prospective students' college preparation support.



why are we inspired?

Adults with some college, no degree or less compose an average of 84% of the participants that receive financial support from federal programs. 



how will we accomplish our goals?

It is our commitment to  use of an emotional bond with our registered students to communicate consistently and educate them about resources to successfully graduate students in our program. It is not only a scholarship, it's a relationship.

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Receive Quarter and Semester interactions from your dedicated network checking in our your enrollment status. That's always a good time to let someone know if you need assistance with anything. Whether it be your class schedule, work, books, equipment or any other needs. 

It has been proven that students "take a break" from school which turns into never returning for financial, unpreparedness, and personal reasons. Reach out to your network and let them know what you're going through. We're here to make sure you get back and finish what you started.

Receive early access to our scholarship fund. Be the first applicant to apply and have your application reviewed before the rest start to flood in. 

Have access to the Fika G'noto Network. A network that can be used for important life events like finding a job, starting a business, moving into an apartment, or buying a home. We have limited resources in some of these areas but we can certainly point you in the right direction to get the resources you need.

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