First for everything.

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Let this be my first for many things to come. I'll begin this post by asking you, "If you could make a change in the world, would you? Could you? Have you?"

So, onward, I've witnessed this cycle many times, where people are always planning. And waiting. And planning. And waiting. And suddenly life passes us and we realize how much planning we've been doing and how many obstacles we've had to overcome, that




scarcely coexist.

Writing this post now, is my commitment to plan, be, and live in as many moments as I am given.

Wholeheartedly embracing my responsibility to inspire as many individuals as I can, I plan to use a simple cup of coffee to accomplish that.

Not a single person is born knowing how to love. How to be a friend. A parent. A sibling. A student. A professional... It's a choice we make every day to practice what we learn and choose how we want to make others feel through our actions. Let Fika G'noto be more than a cup of coffee at the start of your day. Let it serve as a reminder to choose to be your best and to make heartfelt decisions in every moment you get.

Fika G'noto was founded to become a non-profit organization. Making your daily cup of coffee a contributor to the educational needs of our future innovators and professionals. Every person regardless of their income deserves an opportunity to be their very best and Fika G'noto is opening the door to make that possible. By taking something as simple as coffee, we're giving every ounce of profit to deserving students in need! For donors, it's as simple as purchasing your daily cup of coffee from a mobile station near you or purchasing a gift basket perfectly handcrafted for any holiday of the year! For applicants, we are not currently accepting applications until a minimum of $10,000 has been raised, but we encourage you to follow our Instagram to keep in touch and look for updates.

Come grab your morning cup of coffee from a mobile location near you!

In conclusion, today, I choose to plan, be, and live. All 3. Fika G'noto is created for the dreamers that dare to strive for better and to create avenues to create more productive, efficient and sustainable communities.


Ashleigh Marie

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