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Fika G’noto is a giving coffee shop. Our structure is
designed to allocate 60% of it’s profits towards a much
needed cause: seeing to it that college graduates
finish school so they can move on to their careers. For legal
purposes, we cannot structure ourselves as a “not for profit”
coffee shop. Therefore, we’ve created a scholarship fund that
our customers have the option to donate the profits of their
purchase to and have the luxury of writing that amount off, via
a 501(c)(3) come tax season. And don’t worry, we’re creating an
easy to use app that will track all of your contributions and
generate your 501(c)(3) right at your fingertips. We make drinking
your favorite coffee taste better than you ever thought it could; you
can sit back and proudly know that your money is being well spent.
What is Fika G’noto?
Fika is a Swedish tradition that gives people the chance
to socialize over a refreshing cup of coffee. It is better
than the typical coffee break, it is drinking coffee with
the intention of sharing time with others. On the other
hand, “G’noto” derives from the Swahili word, “Ndoto”
which means “dreams”.

So join Fika G’noto on our quest:

“In the company of coffee, we turn dreams into a reality.”

It’s never too late to finish starting your dream. Interested in
applying for a scholarship? 

Enjoying Coffee

Our Values

To spread love through coffee, community, and intention.